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Legal conflicts within a family tend to be more difficult to resolve. Divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, asset division, and domestic violence are family law issues that can be sensitive and tricky to settle, especially since they can negatively affect the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the family members involved.

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Fortunately, you can acquire premium legal services from Trinity Family Law to help you resolve any family law issue that you’re facing in the most efficient and least stressful way manageable. Our Crystal River family lawyers are well-versed in how Florida family law works and are able to guide you toward effective legal solutions that best suit your specific circumstances.

From gathering and preparing all the required paperwork for your case to representing you during mediations and court hearings, we will proactively advocate for your rights and ensure that the resulting orders and agreements are not only fair to you but beneficial for the children, if there are any, as well.

So whether you want to establish your rights as a parent, have your fair share of assets after a divorce, or get immediate protection against the threat of domestic violence, trust our Crystal River, FL family lawyers to help make the legal process easier to navigate and the results more favorable to you.

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Experienced Family Attorneys

Composed of professionally trained and extensively experienced family lawyers, Trinity Family Law is one the most trusted law firms in Florida, offering comprehensive legal services to anyone dealing with family law issues.

Included in our areas of expertise are the following:

Crystal River Family Lawyer AdobeStock 291411731 divorce lawyer 300x169Divorce Attorney: As your legal representative during mediations and court hearings, it will be our job to fast-track the process as much as possible and ensure that divorce-related issues are resolved with fair terms that protect your rights and benefit your family in the best way, especially if children are involved. We’ll ensure that your parental rights are well-established and that you can transition to single life with proper financial support or share of assets.

Property & Asset Division: Our lawyers are aware of how contentious property and asset division can be, especially if the divorcing couple is about to divide high-value domestic and foreign assets. Fortunately, our family law attorneys can expertly help resolve this issue by leading the negotiations with carefully considered bargains that will allow both parties to reach a middle ground. We’ll see to it that every relevant factor will be considered in the divisions and that you’ll get no less than what you deserve.

Crystal River Family Lawyer AdobeStock 271861444 child custody 300x200Child Custody Lawyer: While you can go through a child custody battle without a lawyer, our legal representation will better convince the court of your competency as a parent and, if necessary, prove that more time or unsupervised timesharing with the other parent can compromise your child’s safety.

And aside from establishing a fair share of parenting time and decision-making authority between both parents, we can also help you modify or enforce the child custody order if the other parent violates it.

Crystal River Family Lawyer AdobeStock 9125025 Child Support 300x200Child Support Attorney: Whether you’re the one requesting child support or the one required to pay it, we’ll ensure that the amount ordered by the court will best address the child’s needs while taking the parent’s financial capacity and the agreed-upon timesharing into consideration. And if circumstances change and result in the need for a child support modification, we can help you throughout the whole process. Additionally, if the paying spouse refuses to fulfill their responsibility, we will take the necessary legal action to enforce the order.

Spousal Support: If you’re in need of alimony after divorce, we’ll gather documents or evidence to prove that you’ll need financial assistance indefinitely or for a set period. On the other hand, if you’re the paying spouse, we’ll make sure that you will only pay the appropriate amount for no longer than what’s necessary. Regardless of your situation, however, we’ll carefully assess the relevant factors and ensure that the right type, amount, and duration of alimony will be awarded by the court.

Crystal River Family Lawyer AdobeStock 389656890 Father Rights 300x200Father’s Rights Lawyer: If you are an unmarried father, our family lawyer can help establish your paternity and enforce your rights to spend time with your kids and share in the parental responsibilities as well.

We can also help divorced fathers to ensure that the child custody and child support arrangements will be fair to them and beneficial for their kids.

If, however, you have a reason to believe that you’ve been fathering a child that isn’t biologically yours, our lawyers can help you contest your paternity and terminate your parental responsibilities as well.

Crystal River Family Lawyer AdobeStock 296146687 Domestic Violence 300x200Domestic Violence: This type of issue is one of the trickiest family law problems, as seeking protection and justice can break up a family or ruin its reputation. This and the fear of their abuser are the reasons why a lot of domestic violence victims choose not to report their predicament and compromise their safety and mental well-being instead. However, at Trinity Family Law, we assure you that we’ll work fast and effectively to get you legal protection as soon as possible, preventing any more violence from happening. We’ll then ensure that the appropriate punishment will be imposed on your abuser.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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Whenever you need advice regarding state and federal family law or legal services to defend you during family cases, you can trust our Crystal River family lawyers at Trinity Family Law to help you out. We will take our time to learn everything about your needs, build the right legal strategy to protect your rights and that of your family, and negotiate on your behalf in court.

Rest assured that your case will be handled with care, and our services will be personalized to suit your case.

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